Cornerstone Research specializes in economic and financial analysis for law firm clients. Firm staff and experts provide expert testimony in all phases of commercial litigation and regulatory proceedings. The intersection of the legal and consulting worlds makes the firm such an exciting and enriching opportunity. Past summer associates praised the "very positive and upbeat work environment," and career development through “real assignments and responsibilities."

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How To Apply

Interested students should submit a resume, cover letter and transcript at www.cornerstone.com/careers



Number Of Interns

101 or more


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6 to 12 weeks

About the Program

The summer analyst role at Cornerstone Research closely mirrors the full-time position. Summer analysts work in case teams that range in size but typically include a faculty expert, senior consultants, and analysts. Within a case team, the summer analyst makes important contributions during all phases of a project—from developing case strategy and conducting analyses to preparing experts for testimony. Casework has quantitative and qualitative elements, involving key responsibilities such as ...

About the Company

In the increasingly complicated world of commercial litigation, attorneys often need help sifting through complex economic or financial issues. Cornerstone Research is the place they turn to for help. The firm has worked with top-tier law firms since its founding more than thirty years ago and provides services to firms in a diverse group of industries, including finance, healthcare, life sciences, technology, manufacturing, and energy.

Cornerstone Research consults attorneys in many ...

Intern Reviews

  • “Very positive and upbeat work environment that is very supportive towards asking questions and setting up coffee chats to discuss career advice.”
  • “Firm culture was extremely supportive and positive. Occasionally worked more hours than I might have liked, but work was substantive and interesting.”
  • “As a summer analyst, I believe that the firm culture was amazing at the Boston office. Everyone was so friendly, supportive, and willing to go out of their way to help you out in any way possible. The hours I was required to work [were] honestly about 40-50, and full-timers protected summers as much as possible from any egregious work hours.”
  • “The office is a highly collegial environment that encourages collaboration. Cornerstone prioritizes both professional and personal relationships with coworkers. The welcoming work environment was one of the highlights of the internship overall.”

Why Intern Here

At Cornerstone Research, we strive to create a culture where all employees are valued. We have a long tradition of being an inclusive work environment and supporting a multigenerational and diverse team of professionals. Within our communities, our firmwide goal is to encourage and inspire a diverse future workforce by increasing financial literacy and technology skills among thousands of students, especially those in disadvantaged and under-supported communities. For those who share our vision and values of high-quality work, commitment to our clients and experts, and support for one another and our communities, we offer an exciting, rewarding environment.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Two rounds, one online, one in person. The first round had two interviews, the second had four. Interviews were 50/50 case-based and qualitative based.”
  • “I enjoyed the interviews, and they were very informative for me to learn about the position. Communication throughout the hiring process was effective and timely.”
  • “I think the interviews were straightforward, and I never felt like an interviewer was trying to trick me or get me to mess up. All the interviewers were friendly, and I think interviews gave a good sense not only of the type of work done at the firm but also of the type of people the firm employs. I thought the interviews were fairly straightforward, and you can easily find examples of econ consulting case interviews online. Behavioral portions were very typical.”
  • “The hiring process was rigorous but reasonably so, and everyone that I met along the way treated me with so much respect and kindness. It was so much fun to reconnect with people I had met during the interview process and even to work with them on my cases.”